Sunday, 10 October 2010


Three teens accused of gambling in sermons to help manage the bubonic plague will host an open house from 3 to 8pm in a St. Louis burn unit. Huge throngs handling a household budget took the stand for 51 days. Criminal damage to property was reported in 1400.
During the altercation, consumer confidence blocked the grimmer tech-heavy toys, and suspicious people conducted saturation patrols, sweating and shaking cash among the larger suspects. Their dream job would not institute fire in your foot. A television station was thrown to the ground pending a rare 9mm semi-automatic costume.

--Bellevile News Democrat, 9-29-10

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Conclusion On The Rise

A series of public talks to answer the question, 'Where Everybody is a Winner,' will make ugly things happen. This catastrophic taxable amount has been retained for hazardous myths. With every package you get infrastructure.
Endangered idiots seeking public comment over the next decade, with three fingers, would later become global sugar outbreaks. Momumental brightly painted women were sword-smacking the neighbor's funeral arrangements. Conclusion is on the rise.

--The Asian Reporter, 7-21-10

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Puppet Tears Bother the Clean House

During screechy, unique, broken exploits, the cornstarch passion for bigger post-dance ferment is returning. Infamous arrows expand the tempestuous electric bedouin crocs. "I lean ghost roses out of the shadow beating." They didn't know a generic rogue would love a priceless treacle wave.

The puppet tears bother the clean house. A few evenings later, gruesome uptight dummies closed the twenty-second floor lanes. Come make impossible sun characters--their secret desires inevitably pretended it was a death.

Fewer uphill hurricanes included the Negev desert into their injury lyric on her doorstep. The brief festival ends badly, highlighted by your deeply felt parade of fool's gold: brilliant logistics in predictable murders.

--From Willamette Week, 2008.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Idiot Savant Wins Wine Shop

It looks like 2009 will sucker punch regular people. Some will protest it is incurably vulgar, and a studied pickin' style. With an odd picture of antiseptic laboratories, two elite orchestras have no clue what is going on. An idiot savant seeks to replace its missing tail, an actual super-human audience. There was one glitch: Balinese chocolate sold a startling 39 million tickets. And then he won it--the 68 year old wine shop in the Gaza Strip.

Willamette Week, Jan. 14 2009

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Burning Up The Green Guardian

In September he has been sex on fire and battling varicose veins. The crowd booed and deserted him, amounting to a breach of its contractual terms. A rapping robot has apologised to clients since his financial problems began earlier this year.
The clinic which can solve your denture problems is being repaired after it rusted over in the Wendy House. During your sitting you will be on the verge of bankruptcy and a forgetful 85-year-old woman stealing from a shop where cheeks and lips collapse regardless of whether they go ahead with a procedure or not.
The title has given me some authority with tilapia and London schoolchildren with a bag of several sets of dentures.

Kingston Guardian November 19th 2009

Monday, 16 November 2009

Death Row Boosts Sexual Desire

Even in Texas they are having their doubts and are pushing a pill that really destroys public faith. Recent attention has focused on hypoactive sexual desire disorder because of the risk of executing an innocent person. Texas has so far resisted women who took the drug, three young daughters reported more satisfying sexual encounters with the past culture of seeking the death penalty.
But the public mood is swinging; satisfactory sexual experiences have seen nearly 140 death sentences and growing evidence of women with a low libido. Two men, approved for treating women whenever they can examine other district attorneys. A spokeswoman did not match either man. Death and life in prison and levels of stress experienced during sex in the death chamber.
Guardian 16/Nov/09

Friday, 6 November 2009

Washington's Elite Pinch Teen Pocketbooks

Washington's elite turned out to pinch teen pocketbooks. They are looking for a life preserver, and other radioactive bribery. "We've made huge progress," said umpires before plunging into boat fuel. Microorganisms let business executives pucker up before the next flood. Move to high ground!

The bookish carcasses floating on private jets containing well-preserved energy costs were found alive and well, stashed in the economic prison over a big city.

A fast-food nurse said U.S. agents poison the atmosphere to promote tourism. A deadly weapon would allow alcohol sales in a makeshift recording studio after a three year delay.

Sad shoppers around the globe are a great example of songwriters heading to the world class skatepark.

The electronic lipstick is busy pumping slow cherry trees, a social worker, and Idaho antique shops in 1993.